Does Your Bra Fit Properly?

A proper fit bra provides you with a sleek look and allows your clothes to fit the way they were meant to. In addition to enhancing the shape of a woman's breasts and overcoming perceived sagging, having a proper fitting bra is important in a woman’s daily routine. When you start with a great fitting bra, it makes your wardrobe look amazing which gives you confidence and an overall fabulous appearance.

Yes, your appearance is important but looking good should also be comfortable and healthy. Properly supported breasts are important in order to maintain proper posture, alleviate back and neck problems, shoulder strain and headaches. Straps digging into your shoulders are not something a woman wants to deal with, and the right bra will definitely prevent this.

Women spend hours trying to find the perfect outfit, which they wear once, yet spend the least amount of time buying a bra-- the article of clothing they wear everyday, all day. Think of it this way, spend $100 on a great fitting bra and wear it 100 times; that’s $1 per wear. Purchase a $100 top and wear it 3 times. We call this the Bra Investment Plan--it is the most important garment a woman can wear. Bargain bra shopping means bargain results.

The only way to achieve Bra perfection, is by trusting a skilled bra fitter, who will take the time to match you into a new life of comfort, freedom and more time to live life without struggling in bra torture.

Why do my straps fall off my shoulders?

Your straps are falling off your shoulders if the straps are not adjusted properly.  They must be adjusted snuggly but not too tight.  

Another reason is you may have sloping shoulders which will cause the straps to fall.  To remedy this, we would fit you in a bra which has the design of the straps sitting closer together in the back of the bra. 

Why do my straps dig into my shoulders creating permanent dents?

This is caused by having an ill fitting bra which is not properly supporting the breasts.  Contrary to what most people think the support of the bra does NOT come from the straps.  When your bra fits properly your breasts are supported properly and you will not be tempted to over tighten the straps as your attempt to get lift and support.