Our Mission

The best fitting bra for you is our first priority

The bras we carry range in sizes from A-N cup.  We strive to carry quality products that suit everyone’s budget and style.  Please don’t come into our store to be professionally fitted and expect to walk out with a $5 bra. Remember, you get what you pay for.  There are on average 44 components to a bra, there is a considerable amount of technology going into the manufacturing process of one bra from the fabrics used to the precision of the stitching.  All of these factors are involved to create a bra that will give you everyday comfort and proper breast support.  This is very important for the all over look and feel on a daily basis.  This helps to make you feel the best that you can, everyday, all day!

You don’t understand why your straps are falling off and the back of your bra is riding up, and your breasts are almost resting on your stomach.  You do know that obviously your bra doesn’t fit right.  We put you into a bra that has created a beautiful new you.  Your breasts are up where they should be, the back of the bra is in the proper place the straps seem to be staying in place and “0h my gosh”  You look like you’ve lost 10 pounds!  What happened?  That is how your bra is supposed to fit.  Now you feel it necessary to ask what size the bra is.  You came in with a size that was not working for you, and we fit you in a bra that makes you look and feel great.  So don’t be concerned with the size.  Every bra fits differently.  You could have 10 bras, the same size, you try them on and maybe 3 of them will fit you.  Or you may have 5 different bras, 5 different sizes and 3 of them will fit you.  The importance is to come in and be properly fitted. 

We have had many people ask “why don’t you sell bras online”  We could do this, however, it would go against our mission statement which is to properly fit women.  You cannot purchase a bra online and expect it to fit properly.  Our bodies change, our shape changes, our breasts change, our weight changes, therefore, we need to fitted consistently when we are in the market for new bras.

Many women will spend hours, days, or weeks trying to find an outfit that they will wear once or twice.  When it comes to bra shopping women will often run into a department store and grab something on sale off the rack and figure it’s “good enough”.   A bra is something that we women wear everyday, all day.  Does it make sense to spend so little time and money on a garment as important as your bra?  This is something that we take seriously and we hope to educate our clients with the importance of a proper fitting.

At Shapings, EVERYDAY is a fit day.  Our trained staff will fit you when you come in, there is no appointment necessary.