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Back in 1995 during a quest to find the perfect undergarments for my wedding gown, I had to travel a considerable distance to find a store that would provide me with the customer service I deserved.  Being specific in my needs and search for a Merry Widow I wanted a store that would service my needs while treating me with an intimate respect while being fitted.  I went to several stores locally and it was apparent that it didn’t matter how a garment fit, they just wanted to make that sale.  This gave me an understanding that there was a need in this area for women to have a proper bra fitting with the comfort and discretion women deserved.   Having discussed it with my partner and fiancé, we decided to open a specialty bra fitting store.  If I was having so much difficulty, there must be many other women having difficulty as well. 

We travelled to Europe where I was trained in different techniques to properly fit a client taking all aspects of proper fit into consideration.  I studied the way they present their product and created my own inviting atmosphere for our clients.  Seeing how a bra was manufactured and the skill involved made it apparent that this is the most important garment a woman can be fitted in.

We found the perfect spot in quaint little Aldershot where the parking is abundant and accessibility to the store is wonderful.  This was to be our home which we called Shapings.  Where a woman’s shape is redefined.

What you will find at Shapings is a very comfortable atmosphere where everyone will feel extremely welcome.  Mothers with their daughters for their first bra all the way to grandmothers and everyone in between.  Our comfortable change rooms provide our clients with the privacy they deserve.  I made sure we had solid doors to provide the privacy women would like when trying on such intimate apparel.  This may be a small detail, however, I find it an important one.  I never felt comfortable going into a clothing store of any kind where they have curtains to provide your privacy, one little draft and “hello world”.  Or when the sales person was assisting and they close the curtain and of course, they never get it completely closed, because they don’t fuss with it too much!

We are a small family owned business with two store locations.  Our staff is like our family.  When you come in we treat you like family.   We treat you with respect and empathy.  We realize that most women hate to go bra shopping.  We are there to make it a pleasant and fun experience.